Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let's go Giants! Let's Go!

Hello pretty ladies!

Yesterday night, I was bored reading my latest issue of Cosmo when I suddenly got a bright idea. Why not put together a look for my blog? Considering tomorrow is the long awaited Super Bowl, I decided that in honor of my team the NY Giants, I'd put together a look inspired by them.

Ha! Who are we kidding? I just needed an excuse to put on some makeup.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Update & first ever "wSw"

I have finally returned to the make up blogging world! A lot has happened since my last post and a lot of new make up has rolled into the drugstore world and Shelly is lovin' it! For my comeback, I decided to do something a little different. Every once in awhile, I'll do a feature I'd like to call, "What Shelly Wore". Although by wore I mean what make up and hair products I used in that look and what they retail for. So if your interested in seeing my first wSw feature, keep reading!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

DIY by Shelly - Bling out your flash drive!

Hello lovely readers,
Today I finally completed my DIY Bling'ed Out Flash Drive! After thinking and thinking of what sort of DIY I should post here, it came to me. DECODEN! I've had many people ask me how I blinged out my flash drive and figured... Why not make a DIY? :)

(Photo credit: Tumblr)

What is decoden?
It's a popular mode of decorating phones and other devices, originating in Japan. It started off as a way to make your cellphone or camera look a bit more cuter and personalized and exploded into something more artistic and amazing. I stumbled into decoden about a year ago when I was looking at a makeup guru who showed her blinged out cellphone. I was amazed by it and was determined to find out where to buy it. I searched and searched and quickly discovered that blinged out cases were PRICEY!