Monday, January 23, 2012

Update & first ever "wSw"

I have finally returned to the make up blogging world! A lot has happened since my last post and a lot of new make up has rolled into the drugstore world and Shelly is lovin' it! For my comeback, I decided to do something a little different. Every once in awhile, I'll do a feature I'd like to call, "What Shelly Wore". Although by wore I mean what make up and hair products I used in that look and what they retail for. So if your interested in seeing my first wSw feature, keep reading!

Recently I purchased the Hot Tools 3/4" Clipless Iron. I've been dying to have one of these and found this baby at my local discount store for just $12.99! This clipless iron retails at about $43.99.
Before I curl my hair, I use my trusty Sunsilk Anti-Flat Voluminizing Cream. I apply it to my roots, massaging my scalp. It's best to use this before you blow dry your hair but I actually just applied it the night before onto my damp hair. This retails for about $4-$6.00.
After I curl my hair, I finish it off with my Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray. I love this hairspray! This retails for about $4-$6.00.

Firstly, I apply moisturizer to my face and in this case, I applied my Shiseido Day Moisture Cream. It's pretty pricey but works great. It has SPF 15, providing me with UV protection which, by the way, is super important! I always recommend using moisturizer with SPF. This retails for about $40.00.
Next I used my Benefit Boing Concealer in "02" under my eyes and onto my blemishes. I actually prefer using this under my eyes rather than on my blemishes. At first I was a bit iffy about it but have found the right technique in applying it under my eyes and now I am so in love! This retails for $19.00.
With my all time favorite Elf Powder Brush, I apply my Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Golden Caramel all over my face. No matter what, I always go back to this foundation. It's staying power is amazing and it's coverage is just as amazing. The Elf Powder Brush retails for $3.00 and the foundation retails for about $12.99.
To set everything, I apply my Revlon PhotoReady Powder in "Natural Beige" with a large fluffy brush. I use round cosmetic sponge first, specifically around my nose and areas I concealed so that it sets well and then I brush on a bit of powder all around my "T-Zone" (Forehead, chin, cheeks & nose). This retails for about $14.99.
Finally I apply blush. Lately, I've been into applying makeup without bronzer at all. It's mostly because my foundation is actually darker than it should be so I don't want to look like Snookie, walking around with an orange face. So I applied my most favorite blush ever, Milani blush in "Luminous". It retails for about $6-$7.00.

On my eyes, with my ELF Eyeshadow Brush, I applied my favorite soft silver eyeshadow from my Stila Eyeshadow & Cheek Palette in Noir. I'm not sure if this can be easy to find but it retails for about $10-$14.00 and the ELF Eyeshadow Brush retails for $0.99.
Then I lined my upper lash line with another favorite, my Maybelline Stiletto Liquid Liner in black. This retails for about $4-$6.00.
With a pencil brush, I applied the blue eyeshadow from my NYX trio in "Team Spirit" to my lower lash line. This retails for about $3-$4.00.
I highlighted my tear duct and brow bone with the highlighter from my Stila Palette. Lastly, I curled my lashes and applied my L'Oreal Volumnious Million Lashes mascara in blackest black which retails for about $8.99.

I prepped my lips with my Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm which feels so great on my lips! It stings a bit but softens them up so great. This retails for about $2.99.
After letting my lip balm set onto my lips, I applied my Maybelline 14 Hour Lipstick in "Eternal Rose". This retails for about $8.99.

I hope you liked my first wSw. There will be more of those in the future! What's coming up on Shelly's blog?

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Shells, how do you feel about the texture of the ELF brush? I heard the Studio brushes are better than the $1 ones...

  2. I actually like both but I noticed, if you buy the $1.00 brushes in person, you can tell what sort of texture they would have through the packaging. If you feel the bristles through the packing, you can find that some are softer and less dense in comparison to others. It's like picking out vegetables in the supermarket, but the make up brush edition. Not all brushes are made the same, you just have to check which one is best for you. Also, the 1 dollar ones are easier to find in stores too :).