Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring into Trends + Shelly's Palettes

Spring is a here! With spring comes spring make up trends and whether it's hard to believe or not, they do change with each season and each year. This year it looks like bright bold colors are definitely in for Spring--for both make up and fashion!

What's in this year:
  • Bold Lips
  • Natural Make Up
  • Bright Eye Make Up
  • Smokey Eyes (a trend that never fades!)
For a more in depth look into spring trends, check out this video by Sephora:

Just because these are the trends, doesn't mean you should follow them. I actually just take some inspiration from these trends and take it a step further or a step back, to fit MY STYLE.

Now to achieve these looks and other fabulous looks, you need to have either vibrant eyeshadow or neutral ones. If you've watched my videos, I love using palettes.

Shelly's Palettes:

88 Eyeshadow Palette
This is a really awesome palette to have! The colors are well pigmented and for someone who is starting out in make up, this would be a great product to have because of the wide selection in colors. This palette is available here: Coastal Scents. I personally purchased mine on ebay for a slightly cheaper price.
A good and cheaper alternative is the ELF's 100 Eyeshadow Palette which has an even wider range of colors and is SUPER cheap in comparison. I haven't bought this palette as of yet but from what I hear, it's pretty good.

28 Neutral Palette *Shelly's Favorite
Definitely a versatile palette. This is great for those everyday neutral looks for work and school. Every make up artist should have this in their collection. I really love this palette! This palette is available here: Coastal Scents. But I also purchased this palette on ebay for a better price.

42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette
This palette is pretty awesome for those dramatic eyeshadow looks. I use this often but not as much because I'm actually not a really big fan of shimmery eyeshadows. However I do like the fact that it comes with blushes which are super pigmented! I purchased this one on Coastal Scents. But I believe it's available on ebay. Alternative? I would say perhaps a pretty close "cheaper alternative" to this palette is the ELF Professional Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette (super long title, I know! lol). I actually purchased one recently and will give a full review on my youtube channel and here soon.

Urban Decay Delux Shadow Box *Shelly's Favorite
This would have to be one of my favorite palettes of all. Though the eyeshadows are shimmery, the shimmers aren't as chunky in comparison to the 42 shimmer palette above. The color payoff of this palette is amazing. This is actually the first palette I've ever purchased and I truly love it!

Palettes are great to have because of the many looks you can achieve within each palette. Though the prices are usually more expensive compared to drugstore brand make up, it's actually more inexpensive in the long run because they last a longggggg time! Every lady should have at least one palette in their possession.

With love,


  1. Very interesing blog. You make it fun to read and i def. agree that every girl should own a pallete or 10 lol

  2. lol trust me I have one too many but once you buy one.... you want them all.